SAWS (South African Weather Service) Bursary Programmes 2020

SAWS (South African Weather Service) Profile
The South African Weather Service, or commonly shorted to SAWS, is an meteorological based establishment in South Africa that aims on creating a growing nation that has a greater consciousness towards weather. With the goal of creating “A WeatherSMART Nation”, SAWS hopes to generate a service that allows great institutions, as well as the general public, to check for weather forecasts that are both relevant and reliable. Hopefully, through this service of SAWS, not only does it prevent people from getting wet under an unexpected rain, but it also helps society to anticipate any extreme climate changes that could possibly happen in the future. WeatherSMART can not only be achieved by the establishment alone. By forming various networks with relevant partners that believe in the cause, SAWS has taken a lot into consideration when it comes to making their goals come true. By making this a success, it is hoped that SAWS is able to improve the well-being of South Africa in the many years to come.

About SAWS (South African Weather Service) Bursaries 2020
The South African Weather Service (SAWS) is currently offering full-time bursary schemes for well-deserving university students interested in meteorology. Applicants who wish to give this opportunity a shot must be pursuing any either one of these mentioned studies below:

  • One Year BSc Introduction to Meteorology Course – Honours in Metereology & Postgraduate Studies in Weather Forecasting
    • Mathematics
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Oceanography
    • Meteorological related studies
    • A one year course in foundation meteorology.
  • Bachelor of Science Bursaries (1st, 2nd, 3rd or honours year)
    • Agrometeorlogy
    • Atmospheric Science
    • Oceanography
    • Meteorology
    • Air Quality
    • Climatology.
  • BEng / BSc(Eng) Electrical Engineering

Successful grantees of the bursary programme will be entitled to several financial benefits that will help them during the long run of their studies. The funding is oftentimes used to cover items such as tuition fees, study materials, accommodation and meals, and other university-related fees. However, it is strictly disallowed to use the funding to pay for other loans or debts. Find out more about the establishment at the Official SAWS Website.

SAWS (South African Weather Service) Bursary Requirements
The SAWS Bursary are only available to a select group of students who are able to fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been determined by the bursary programme. For this bursary programme, requirements differ based on the course of your studies. Therefore, it is highly important that you read all of these requirements thoroughly. Failure to meet all the qualifications below may result in automatic disqualification from the application procedure. It’s best to read up more about this establishment and what they’re looking for at the Official SAWS Website.

The SAWS Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • One Year BSc Introduction to Meteorology Course – Honours in Metereology & Postgraduate Studies in Weather Forecasting
    • Level 2 Score for Mathematics
    • Level 1 Score for Physics
    • Be available to study in University of Pretoria.
  • Bachelor of Science Bursaries (1st, 2nd, 3rd or honours year)
    • Specializing in the key subjects of Mathematics and Physical Science
    • Currently holds a valid letter of confirmation from your applied university
    • Holding a Grade 12 (Matric) qualification
    • Has a score of at least 70% for the key subjects of Mathematics and Physical Science.
  • BEng / BSc(Eng) Electrical Engineering
    • Are currently in their 2nd-3rd year of their university studies
    • Providing legitimate proof that they are currently in their studies
    • Having their proof of university registration
    • Most recent academic transcript.

How to Apply SAWS (South African Weather Service) Bursary 2020
Applicants of the SAWS Bursary Programme must first check its availability status. To do so, be sure to visit the SAWS Vacancies Website. Take not that the bursary scheme is usually open during September – October on a yearly basis. So if you have are unable to find the bursary scheme at the time of your search, try to remember when the bursary is advertised. If this bursary is currently accepting applications, you can now proceed to download the Official Bursary Application Form.

There are several things that need to be considered while filling in your application form. These include:

  • Read all of the questions that are on the application form
  • Have the form entirely completed
  • Use only BLOCK LETTERS to fill in the form
  • Have the form officially signed by relevant individuals
  • Any incomplete application forms will automatically be disqualified from the application procedure
  • Anyone found to be falsifying any information will be sanctioned and will not be allowed to participate in the application process.

After you have your application form completed, all candidates will have to attach a few necessary documents that will support their applications, which includes:

  • Valid copies of your academic transcripts, complete with the university’s/institution’s letterhead or logo
  • A letter of motivation (maximum of one page)
  • Valid copies of any existing certificates or qualifications
  • Legitimate copy of your South African ID.

For a higher chance of consideration, all applications must have attachments of valid copies of your Matric certifications as well as a testimonial. Don’t forget to indicate your relevant Reference No. so that the committee will have an easier time assessing your applications.

Submit your application dossier either via Postal Carriage or Hand Delivery to this following address: The CEO, the South African Weather Service, Private Bag X097, Pretoria 0001, for the attention of Ms. Gugu Maphisa. Any applications sent through e-mail or fax will not be considered by the committee. Please have all of your application submitted way before the deadline, as any late applications sent past the closing date will also not be not be considered as well.

Announcements will only be made to selected participants who have been accepted by the bursary scheme. Should you not hear back from the committee within a time period of 1 month, we regret to inform you that your applications has not been successful. To all shortlisted participants, you will be subject to an interview that will be conducted with the committee. Should you have any further enquiries or concerns about the application procedure, you can always direct your questions to Ms. Gugu Maphisa at this hotline +27 12 367 6085, or via [email protected].

SAWS Contact Address
Office Address:
Eco Glades block 1b, Eco Park, cnr Olievenhoutbosch and Ribbon Grass Streets, Centurion, 0157

Mail Address:
Private Bag X097, Pretoria 0001

Tel: +27 12 367 6000
Fax: +27 12 367 6025
Email: [email protected]

Source: SAWS; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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