ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) Bursary Programmes 2020

ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) Profile
The Air Traffic and Navigation Services, also known as the ATNS for short, is the home base for the Air Traffic Control in the country of South Africa. With their areas stretching to approximately 10% of the globe’s airspace, the ATNS greatly relies on their up-to-date facilities and resources to better serve not just their aviation-related clients, but also towards the safety of the general public as well. As of now, the ATNS is currently offering supervision for a range of services, such navigation, air traffic, and training. With their bases of operation located within the Atlantic Ocean and Southern Indian, the ATNS has been expanding throughout the years to come.

About ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) Bursaries 2020
The Air Traffic and Navigation Services is offering bursary schemes for students who are interested in the South African air traffic and navigation industry. In South Africa, there is a high demand for services that revolve around the aforementioned industry. With the advancement of current aviation technologies, it is also necessary to maintain its safety aspects as well.

The ATNS Bursary Programme allows incoming candidates to prepare themselves for a future career as either an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO bursary), an Air Traffic Services Officer (ATSO bursary), or an Aeronautical Information Management Officer (AIMO bursary). All of these bursaries take place for one year each.

Specifically, the Aeronautical Information Management is the main foundation of the entire Air Traffic Management. There are several aspects within this department that have played very crucial roles in ensuring the safety of aviation, such as:

  • Aeronautical flight procedural design and charting
  • ATS flight-planning
  • Static and dynamic data management
  • Aeronautical Surveying
  • Communications
  • Publication of Integrated Aeronautical Information Packages.

Not only does this bursary scheme assist students by providing financial funding, it also acts a strong foundation for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the area of Aeronautical Information Management. During this time period, participants will be required to undergo through training under the Air Traffic Management department. To top it off, selected grantees will be given the opportunity to study at the Official ATNS Aviation Training Academy, which is situated in the area of Bonaero Parl.

The ATNS Bursary Programme provides financial assistance that helps cover different kinds of student-related expenses, such as:

  • ATS Core Content Course tuition fees
  • On-campus accommodation costs
  • Transport fees to and from the ATA
  • Daily meals
  • A stipend given on a monthly basis
  • A total period of 10 days for non-academic activities.

Once you have passed the administrative phase of the application procedure, candidates may be subject to a formal interview held by the committee themselves. From there on, successful participants that have already been accepted by the programme will proceed to start on their courses in the ATA. Upon finishing their course, participants will be offered a fixed term contract that allows to be involved in job training for a total period of six months. This job training will be done under the field of Flight-Planning or Aeronautical Communications. Should you be accepted into the programme, you are required to sign this said fixed contract. Under this fixed contract, you will be entitled to an existing salary. At this point, you are can no longer be entitled to transport fees or on-company accommodation, as well as medical aid. Throughout shifting periods, individuals will be working for the company.

ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) Bursary Requirements
The ATNS Bursary is only available to students who are able to comply to the bursary requirements that have been set out by the establishment. Each of these items below play an equally important role in determining whether you will be accepted by the programme or not. Failure to meet all of the qualifications below may result in automatic disqualification from bursary. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you have all of these settled down. Find out more on what this establishment is looking for at the Official ATNS Website.

The ATNS Bursary Requirements are as follows:
Basic Qualifications

  • A valid Matric certificate with these key subjects below:
    • Pure Maths (Level 4 / HG – D or SG cjcee or above)
    • English (Level 4 / HG – D or SG cjcee or above)
  • An official citizen of South Africa proven by a valid Identity Document
  • Proven to be both physically and medically healthy
  • Must be between 18-33 years old
  • Has proven fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Prior experience is not necessary – however, some sense of passion in the industry is highly preferrable.

Working Competencies

  • Display astounding communication abilities
  • Able to work in a team
  • Juggle through various tasks
  • Knows how to create solutions
  • Able to make tough decisions
  • Has a good sense of emotional intelligence
  • Great sense of confidence
  • Knows how to be diplomatic with reasoning
  • Able to analyze complex situations.

How to Apply ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) Bursary 2020
Interested applicants of the ATNS Bursary Programme are obliged to register through the Official ATNS Career Site. Alternatively, you can also directly visit the Official ATNS Website. When you have reached there, press on the Bursaries button -> How Do I Apply, and you will be taken to the main Talent Central Portal. Once you have reached there, you will be required to register for a new account and finish up the Pre-Online Assessment.

Applications are open throughout various periods of time within a year. Be sure to have all of these important application dates below noted and memorized:

  • 01 March to 31 April (for July program)
  • 01 December to 31 January (for April program)
  • 01 August to 30 September (for January program).

Incoming candidates will have to prepare a brief, application dossier, that includes your most recent Curriculum Vitae, your most recent Grade 12 result slip, as well as a copy of your South African ID. You will not be required to have these documents certificate, as they will be subject to strict assessment to have their credentials proven. On top of the administrative phase of the application procedure, shortlisted candidates will also be subject to a list of written assessments, a panel interview, a thorough medical examination held by the Aviation Medical Specialist, as well as Vetting. After you have gone through all of these phases in the application procedure, you will only be then eligible for a legitimate bursary contract.

Announcements will only be made to successful applicants who have been accepted by the bursary programme. Should you not hear back from the committee within a total period of 60 days, we regret to inform  you that your applications has not been accepted by the bursary programme. If you have any further enquiries or concerns, you can always refer to the contact information provided below.

Important Notice
Selected participants who have been awarded with the chance to partake in the ATNS Bursaries are subject to a fixed contract. If you do not comply to the contract, ATNS may have their claims on the investment made by the company. Once you have been under the contract, participants must follow all of the obligations that have been determined in black and white. To ensure that bursars are following their contractual agreement, bursars will be monitored on a continuous basis.

All accepted grantees of the ATNS Bursaries are obliged to follow all of their courses, modules, and assessments that comes with their studies. This is to ensure that your bursary remains valid throughout the entire academic year. If you are found to be skipping any examinations or such, but you have attained a minimum score of 50%, you may still have a chance to join a re-assessment. However, if you are unsuccessful in this phase, you will have your bursary automatically revoked.

Nearing the end of the contract, more or less one month prior to the end of the contract, managers are entitled to providing bursars with an guaranteed offer to join ATNS as an AIM Officer. With this permanent employment offer, bursars will have a chance to attain an official AIM Officer salary and all of the other benefits that come along with it. Should you choose to accept the permanent employment, you will be a part of the ATNS Aeronautical Information Management Team, where you will be working directly with this establishment under the course of one year, as per stated in the bursary agreement.

ATNS Contact Address
Office Address:
Eastgate Office Park
Block C
South Boulevard Road
Republic of South Africa

Mail Address:
Private Bag X15
Kempton Park
South Africa

Tel: +27 86 028 6726
Fax: +27 11 607 1570

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