Northam Platinum Bursary Programmes 2020

Northam Platinum Profile
Northam Platinum Limited, or commonly referred to as simply Northam, has been a leading producer within the in the PGMs industry. PGMs, also known as Platinum Group Metals, has picked up the attention of multiple establishments all across South Africa, and Northam is one of them. However, Northam specifically utilizes these PGMs mainly for motor-manufacturing and establishments focusing on the craft of jewellery. Under Northam Platinum is the Zondereinde Mine, which just so happens to be a mine dedicated to PGMs. Tucked in the regions of Limpopo, the mine has some of the largest production on PGMs. It is so massive, it is recorded that there are approximately 300 000 ounces of PGMs mined on a yearly basis. This mine has taken credit for their high-tech facilities that enables them to smoothly work in underground environments. With that in mind, Northam is on the right track to becoming a prominent producer of PGMs.

About Northam Platinum Bursaries 2020
Northam Platinum has done a lot of extensive work to make sure that they have a clean-cut workforce to meet all of the demands that are asked of the company. However, in order to garner a new generation of professional employees, Northam Platinum has taken another step even further. Under the company’s Social and Labour Plan, Northam Platinum is offering bursary schemes towards local South Africans who are currently pursuing their university studies. The Northam Platinum Bursaries is eligible for candidates who are planning to apply for university admission and will plan to study towards official qualifications under a fully-recognized university in South Africa or any Universities of Technology. In order to be considered for the programme, Northam Platinum, specifically the Zondereinde Mine, will be searching out for students who are able to meet the administrative qualifications that are asked of the committee.

The Northam Platinum Bursaries are catered to students who are pursuing any of these courses below:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Financial Management
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Safety Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Human Resources Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geology
  • Environmental Health/Management
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Survey
  • Analytical Chemistry.

The Northam Platinum Bursary has many benefits incurred to it. Successful awardees of the bursary scheme will be granted with an all expenses paid tuition, provided accommodation and study materials as prescribed by their undergraduate studies. Additionally, awardees will also be granted with the opportunity to take part in training programmes during their vacation period where they will be given exposure to the Northam working world and retrieve any supporting skills to be able to make it in the future working world. There is also a guarantee for these candidates to be involved in development plans where they will be trained specifically for a certain career path.

Find out more about the company behind this wonderful bursary scheme at the Official Northam Platinum Website.

Northam Platinum Bursary Requirements
The Northam Platinum Bursary is only seeking out for individuals who truly deserve this once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, it is highly advisable that all candidates are to follow all of the requirements as per mentioned below. Each of these items will determine whether you are eligible enough for the programme. Failure to meet all of these qualifications below may result in you not getting accepted by the bursary scheme at all. For further information, check out the Official Northam Platinum Website.

The Northam Platinum Bursary Requirements are as follows:

  • Has a strong pull to one of the courses that have been mentioned beforehand, especially within the Mining Industry
  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa, provided with a valid Identity Document
  • Display an impressive academic track record
  • Pass all of the medical assessments that are incurred within working under a Mining environment
  • Be able to provide these following documents:
    • A legitimate National Senior Certificate with a score average of 60% or above
    • For students who are still currently studying, you may send in your Grade 11 and current Grade 12 certificates instead
    • For tertiary education students, please provide an academic track record of all of your subjects with a total score average of 60%.

How to Apply Northam Platinum Bursary 2020
Applications for the Northam Platinum Bursary programme must only be conducted through e-mail. Be sure to send in you application dossier consisting of your most recent Curriculum Vitae as well as the necessary documents to both of these provided e-mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. Do not forget to indicate your Position Title and Reference Number in the Subject Line of your e-mail.

Since Northam Zonderinde strictly abides by the Employment Equity Policy that has been standardized in the company, application originating from the surrounding areas of the company as well as employee dependents will be given a much higher priority than external applicants. After being selected for the bursary scheme, candidates must commit themselves to a Graduate Internship programme that will take place for a period of two years before they are able to officially enter the Northam company.

Announcements will only be made to candidates who are accepted by the learnership programme. If you have not heard a word back from the company within a total period of three weeks past the application deadline, we regret to inform you that your application has not been successful and you have not been regarded for the bursary scheme.

Northam Contact Address
Office Address:
Building 4, 1st Floor
Maxwell Office Park
Magwa Crescent West
Waterfall City
Jukskei View 2090
South Africa

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 412694
Craighall 2024
South Africa

Tel: +27 11 759 6000
Fax: +27 11 880 3788
Email: [email protected]

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