Royal HaskoningDHV – Engineering Bursary Programmes 2020-2021

Royal HaskoningDHV Profile
Royal HaskoningDHV is an establishment that specializes in the field of Engineering and Project Management. With an astounding track record of undertaking global-scale projects, the establishment aims to improve the lives of their clients by inputting their values and qualities. Royal HaskoningDHV takes great importance in the idea of innovation and sustainability, and how they can professionally implement technology into creating a world that is better not just for the people, for the environment as well. Having conducted their practices for a total of 137 years, it is safe to say that Royal HaskoningDHV definitely knows what they are doing and how to create better lives for people in society.

About Royal HaskoningDHV – Engineering Bursaries 2020-2021
The Royal HaskoningDHV is offering Engineering Bursaries to a selected number of students in South Africa who would like to pursue a career in Engineering. As part of their many efforts to fully develop the overwhelming potential within the country’s next generation, the establishment has high hopes that their bursaries will be able to motivate young local students to perform their best through education, so that they may shine even brighter once they have entered the working world.

Employees of the Royal HaskoningDHV are highly encouraged to continue any of their education by partaking in any internal bursaries through the sponsorship of certain qualifications, typically undergraduate and post-graduate certifications. Additionally, the establishment also provides external bursaries that encourages engineering students to attain the financial assistance to support them through their respective academic journeys.

The Royal HaskoningDHV provides Engineering Bursaries to students who are studying in any recognized university in South Africa. Besides displaying impressive academic potential, candidates must also provide proof that they require financial aid as well. The Engineering Bursaries are only provided to students who are concentrating on any one of these following specializations:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Royal HaskoningDHV – Engineering Bursary Requirements
The Royal HaskoningDHV Engineering Bursary includes an eligibility criteria that must be passed by all of its future candidates in order to be considered qualified enough for the programme. Each of these items below will determine whether you are regarded deserving of the programme or not. Therefore, to ensure some degree of success with the bursary applications, make sure that you have all of these qualifications below met.

The Royal HaskoningDHV Engineering Bursary Requirements are:

  • Display exception academic potential and talent
  • Able to provide proof that the candidate requires financial assistance
  • Maintains at least an average score of 65% in their subjects
  • Currently pursuing a full-time degree towards a BSc or BEng certification, especially in any of the Engineering disciplines mentioned above
  • Already admitted into an accredited universitiy
  • Holds greatly onto the key values of RHDHV:
    • Integrity: showing a level of care and understanding towards all of their clients
    • Excellence: delivering all of their services up to quality standards
    • Brightness: displaying a strong spirit of innovation and is easily inspired by the environment around them
    • Team Spirit: knowing how to work in a team and become a valuable member of the work force.

How to Apply Royal HaskoningDHV – Engineering Bursary 2020-2021
To apply for the Royal HaskoningDHV Engineering Bursary, applicants will first need to double check the availability status of the programme at the Royal HaskoningDHV Careers Portal. Once you have confirmed that the programme is accepting applications at the moment, you may proceed to download the Official Application Form. All applications forms must be filled in completely with accurate and correct information – incomplete application forms will automatically be disregarded by the committee.

In addition, candidates will need to include these following documents below:

  • Official application form
  • Legitimate South African Identity Document
  • Official Matric result slips
  • Your latest university academic transcript or report progress of all the subjects that you have taken
  • A valid letter of acceptance from your designated university
  • Your parents’/guardian’s paychecks if they are employed (tax return statements with the income stated are acceptable as well)
  • Your parents’/guardian’s most recent financial statements if they are unemployed
  • Your parents’/guardian’s sworn affidavits if they are unemployed.

Important Notes

  • Make sure to pay attention to all of the application instructions
  • Submit your applications before every August 15th to RHDHV
  • Incomplete application dossiers will not be accepted by the commitee
  • Send in your applications to this following address below:
    • RHDHV Bursary Applications
      Human Resource Department
      P.O. Box 867
      Gallo Manor
  • If you have any further enquiries or concerns, you may direct them to Caryn Main (Learning and Development Manager) via e-mail at [email protected], or contacting this hotline +27 87 352 1441
  • The amount of the bursary will be determined on a yearly basis, and will provide coverage mainly towards the total amount of tuition expenses. Therefore, it is highly advised that incoming applicants apply through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to have an emergency funding scheme.

Royal HaskoningDHV Contact Address
Office Address:
Royal HaskoningDHV House
Tygerberg Park
163 Uys Krige Drive
Plattekloof, 7500
South Africa

Mail Address:
Cape Town, PO Box 5195
Tyger Valley, 73536

Tel: +27 87 352 2300
Email: [email protected]

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