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Need a financial advice to get you going? Look no further! Introducing Investec – a financial products and services company that uses a personal and case-by-case approach to understand what their clients want. Established in South Africa during the year 1974, Invested has spanned towards several primary markets all across the world – ranging from Europe and even Asia-Pacific. Investec’s growth is courtesy of the strategies they have implemented which allows a stable growth throughout the many years. With approximately a total of 10,000 employees under its wing, Investec is developing even further with their main divisions: Private Banking, Asset Management, Wealth & Investment and Corporate & Institutional Banking.

About Investec CSI Bursaries 2020
Investec understands that one of the ways to create potential employees is to start from young. One of the most important aspects in young peoples’ lives is education. Therefore, through Investec’s Corporate Social Investments, commonly referred to as CSI, Investec is aiming to give back to the general public by waging the gap between education and entrepreneurship. By creating wonderful initiatives for the local youths, not only does it increase the quantity and quality of future employment, but it also promotes the nations’ wealth and socio-economic development as well. One of these efforts include providing full bursaries to students.

The Investec CSI Bursary programme is dedicated to young students who plan on pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree.

Investec, offers full cost bursaries to students who aim to study full time towards an undergraduate degree in courses that are in line with the works of the company, especially within the financial services departments. Bursaries will be mainly allocated to well-deserving students who are in need of monetary support. The Investec CSI Bursary programme is dedicated to these following study courses:

  • Commerce (Economics, Business Economics, Accounting, Investments and Finance),
  • BCom Informatics,
  • BSc Computer Science,
  • BSc Information Technology,
  • BIT-Bachelors of Information Technology,
  • BIS-Bachelor of Information Science,
  • Business Science,
  • Science and Mathematics,
  • Engineering or,
  • Commercial LLB.

The financial support that comes with this bursary scheme are more than enough to support an individual as her or she attains their educational qualification in university. These financial perks are:

  • Fully-paid tuition expenses
  • Paid-for accommodation and transportation
  • A new computer
  • Prescribed study materials.

Still need do a bit of research into this company? More information can be attained through the official Investec website.

Investec Bursary Requirements
There are a list of eligibility items that are required to be ticked off before anyone is allowed to register for the Investec CSI Bursary programme. All of these qualifications are important for the individual to meet. Failure to have all of these checked will ultimately result having your bursary application revoked. For more information about the company behind this fruitful opportunity, take a look at the company’s website.

The Investec Bursary Requirements are:

  • Officially recognized as a valid South African national
  • Educational qualification:
    • Able to provide academic results from Grade 11
    • If you are not studying this year: recent academic results
    • If you have finished Grade 12: valid Matric or NSC results
    • If you are a tertiary student: June academic results or any report on  your taken subjects
  • Proof of household income from parents/guardian (if employed)
  • Recent financial track records from parents/guardian (if self-employed)
  • Legitimate affidavits from parents/guardian (if unemployed)
  • Legitimate death certificates of parents (if deceased)
  • Legitimate divorce certificate of parents (if divorced)
  • Valid statement from one parent (if separated).

How to Apply Investec Bursary 2020
Before you head on with your application procedure, applicants are to check if the Investec Bursary programme is available for application at the time of search. To do so, you can visit the Investec website. Once you have ensured that the Investec Bursary programme is open for applications, you may take a look at the application instructions stated below this article.

Applications for the Investec CSI Bursary can be done through several methods. However, candidates are highly encouraged to apply through the StudyTrust’s online Leaply platform. The online method is a much safer option to prevent any postal strikes. Additionally, since it is conducted online, the process is much faster and more efficient compared to traditional ways of application.

However, if you prefer another way to submit in your applications, you can do so by sending in your application dossier (consisting of your completed application form and necessary documents all in PDF Format) through e-mail ([email protected]) or fax (086 538 1537). For candidates who would like to submit through postal carriage, you can send them in through this address: StudyTrust, Private bag X16, Braamfontein, 2017.

To attain your application form through post, you can receive it by SMS. Simply send in an SMS message to 31022 with the word INVESTEC, your full name, surname, postal address, as well as your postal code.

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
100 Grayston Drive, Sandown, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 286 7000

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