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Maths and Science has never been this exciting! Promaths is a fully-funded programme courtesy of Investec that has dedicated themselves to giving out classes in the subjects of Maths and Science. Offered by the Kutlwanong Maths, Science and Technology Centre, Promaths primarily provides these classes to a high school audience as an effort to promote the students academic potential, especially in the aforementioned subjects. Promaths has been standing for as long as 13 years, and still continues to do so until today. As a result of their effective classes, students who have participated in the Promaths programme have graduated as students who are not merely looking for high grades, but they eventually become motivated individuals with bigger dreams and ambitions.

However, one thing that has been under the programme’s observation is that many of these students hail from previously disadvantaged programmes. Therefore, a lot of them are unable to attain their tertiary education due to the lack of financial assistance. Which is why, to be able to further promote the importance of education within the students, and to see them strive even more, the Promaths Bursary Fund has been successfully launched to bring out the best in these Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths talents.

About Promaths Bursaries 2020
The Promaths Bursary Fund is dedicated the much-needed financial assistance towards Maths and Science students within the country of South Africa. The bursary scheme is given out to learners who are currently pursuing their Grade 10-12 education in hand-select schools. With the extra tuition money that will be awarded to successful grantees, it is hoped that the support could do a lot for these students and heighten the possibility of them in gaining a university education. More information about this wonderful programme can be found at the official Promaths website.

Promaths Bursary Requirements
The Promaths Bursary Programme are only eligible towards to students who are officially recognized as South African nationals. Additionally, since this is a programme held by Promaths, and is in cooperation with Kutlwanong, the Promaths Bursary Programme is specifically allocated towards students who have attended any of these two centres. Last but not least, to be able to qualify for the bursary scheme, candidates must be able to provide a letter of acceptance in a well-accredited South African tertiary institution specializing in a rare skills course or a National Diploma. Check out for more information about the programme through its website from time to time.

How to Apply Promaths Bursary 2020
Applications for the Promaths Bursary programme are currently opened from 01 April until 30 September. Should you wish to register for this wonderful bursary scheme, it is highly encouraged that all incoming candidates start off their applications by visiting the official Investec website or through the StudyTrust portal. Candidates must send in their applications before the official deadline in order to be considered for the bursary scheme that will be conducted in the following year. Failure to meet the deadline might result in automatic disqualification for your application.

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