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Online shopping has never been this fun, especially with takealot.com! In a matter of seconds, you’ll literally find yourselves taking a lot and putting them all in your shopping cart. Takealot.com has garnered immense popularity within the African continent as an online shopping site that meets the ranging demands of their users. While other online shopping sites take to great extremes in presenting something that is fresh and new, takealot.com focuses on reinventing the experience of online shopping and building its focus on their customers needs.

The takealot.com team dedicates itself to involving themselves into the entire process of bringing the online site to life. From participating in its design and development, until its execution, takealot.com heavily relies on the feedback of customers to see where they could improve on more. To be able to meet these changing demands of people coming from different kinds of generations, the takealot.com team is constantly searching for young motivated individuals who are creative problem solvers and have the drive to be part of the online site’s growth. So long as you love tackling on new challenges everyday, you’re bound to have a very interesting and exciting time working for takealot.com

About takealot.com Bursaries 2020
Takealot.com heavily relies on talents who are experienced in the departments of Information, Technology, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. However, even the greatest of talents may struggle in acquiring their well-deserved education, especially if they come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. To be able to wage the gap between these two issues, the company has issued the Takealot.com Bursary programme.

These bursary schemes will be allocated to motivated students of South African nationality and are attaining their education in any of the aforementioned subjects at any recognized tertiary institution in South Africa. Through this programme, takealot.com is able to look for their future developers who may stand a chance to work for the company some day. Upon completion of the programme, and once they have finished their university studies as well, successful awardees will be entitled to the company’s Graduate Development Programme. Additionally, during the period of their bursary, awardees will be required to partake in vacation work and must agree to a work back obligation.

With any bursary scheme, the Takealot.com Bursary Programme comes with a lot of financial benefits as well! The bursary scheme will cover several expenses, such as tuition fees, subsistence, prescribed study materials, a personal computer, accommodation, and transportation. Feel free to read more about the company behind this wonderful opportunity by visiting the official Takealot.com website.

takealot.com Bursary Requirements
Takealot.com takes its bursary programme applications very seriously. Searching for potential young individuals will require a level of assessment and selection. Therefore, all incoming candidates must be able to meet the eligibility criteria that has been published by the Takealot.com Bursary Programme. This is to ensure that everyone who is registering will start off from an equal level, and it will make the committee’s job of assessing much easier. You can double check whether this company is the right choice for you by taking a peep at its website.

The Takealot.com Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Must be recognized as an official South African citizen
  • Being in their final year of undergraduate/Hons/B.Tech studies focusing on any either of these study areas: Information Technology, Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Exhibit impression academic talent and drive to work for Takealot.com
  • Provide an academic track record with an average aggregate score of 65%
  • Be available to partake in the Takealot.com Graduate programme
  • Be available to partake in the Takealot.com vacation work as well as work for the company once they have finished their studies
  • Possess basic working skills, which are: decision making, social responsibility, self-drive, and creative problem solving.
  • Be able to adapt to the dynamic changes of Takealot.com’s working environment, and must be able to possess a customer-conscious attitude in dealing with the workings of the company
  • Able to analyze through complex situations and come up with solutions to any matters in the company

How to Apply takealot.com Bursary 2020
To sign up for the Takealot.com Bursary Programme, candidates must make sure that the bursary scheme is available at the candidate’s preferred time of application. You can check out the programme’s availability by accessing the Takealot.com website. Please informed that Takealot.com will only accept applications from 01 April to 30 September. Once you have ensured that the programme is available, you can directly apply through the StudyTrust’s online Leaply platform. To qualify for the bursary scheme take will take place in the following year, candidates must finish their application submissions before 30 September. The programme will not be accepting any late applications. Should you send in your application past the deadline, your application is automatically disqualified from the selection phase.

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12th Floor, Takealot Building
10 Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain
Cape Town

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Tel: +27 87 362 8000
Site: https://www.takealot.com/

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