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Afrox Profile
Afrox, short for African Oxygen Limited, is an establishment that is responsible for providing products that utilizes gases and welding. Dating to as far as 1927, Afrox has a distinguished reputation within the sub-Saharan areas. As a prominent leader in the industry, Afrox handles the craft of engineering services and offers them to the general public. It may be a bit tricky selling things like atmospheric gases, safety products, and LPG to an audience. However, through the company’s spirit of high quality customer service and deliverance, Afrox is gaining a great name within technological stakeholders. At the moment, Afrox is conducting most of its base operations in South Africa as well as nine other nations in the same continent. With the parent company, a world-wide establishment that generally deals with the field of gases, technology, and engineering called The Linde Group, Afrox is also supervising their operations in five additional countries as well.

About Afrox Bursaries 2020
Afrox believes that one of the ways to have a solid, successful working staff is to assist them from a very young age. There has been an ongoing tendency where job seekers are deemed rather unqualified as they sign up for employment due to their lack of assistance and exposure to the working world. Noticing this pattern amongst current generations, Afrox is offering what is called the Afrox Bursaries programme.

Through this well-designed and thought-out programme, Afrox is providing the necessary financial support towards individuals who originate from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Throughout the duration of one entire academic year, Afrox is willing to cover your university expenses, study materials, accommodation, meals, and even laundry. However, to maintain this bursary, recipients must adhere to the vacation work that has been set in Afrox during the candidates university vacation period.

The Afrox Bursary programme is an extremely beneficial one as candidates are allowed to renew their bursaries for each new academic year – provided they are able to maintain their astounding academic track records. Upon graduation, successful recipients must then give a short presentation that revolves around their projects that they have conducted during the vacation work to the “Young Talent Development Committee”. It is indeed a lot of hard work. However, the experience will ensure you a smoother time as you start signing up for employment in the future.

Please be noted that the Afrox Bursary programme is only made available for selected study fields that are in line with the company’s vision and missions, which includes:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Need more insight on the company? Don’t sweat! Visit the official Afrox website when you have the spare time.

Afrox Bursary Requirements
Before starting on your applications, it is important for all candidates to double check whether they qualify for the Afrox Bursary programme. With these list of items that needs to be ticked off, incoming candidates must pay attention to each and every requirement. Failure to meet these qualifications may cause disadvantageous consequences to the overall outcome of your application. For more information, take a peep at the company’s website.

The Afrox Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Has an average score of 60% in their specialization or educational course
  • Individuals originating from Previously Disadvantaged Groups will be highly prioritized.

How to Apply Afrox Bursary 2020
Applying for the Afrox Bursary programme can be a surprising process to some. If you are accustomed to online applications, then it should be no problem for you. However, if this is your first time signing up for a bursary programme online, no need to fear! Below are the instructions on applying for the Afrox Bursary programme:

  • Double check whether the Afrox Bursary programme is available for application by visiting the Afrox Careers Page. If the programme is not available yet, you can always come back any time in the future for availability updates. If the programme is indeed available, follow the rest of the instructions.
  • Sign up for an online account here.
  • After creating your online account, proceed to login to the website here.
  • To apply for the bursary programme, the application must be conducted at this page.
  • During the application phase, all candidates may be asked to upload several copies of important personal documents to support their application dossier. These documents include:
    • A valid copy of the candidate’s South African identification
    • A valid copy of their Matric examinations certificate
    • The candidate’s latest and most updated academic transcript
  • If you are stuck during the application process, you may contact the PNet Support Hotline for direct assistance at +27 10 140 3099 (Phone) or [email protected] (e-mail).

Additionally, candidates may want to jot down these key dates there are bound to happen during the Afrox Bursary’s programme’s application procedure:

  • October-November: applications are open
  • Pre-December: interview session
  • December: announcement and invitation to sign their bursary contracts
  • January: start of the Afrox Bursary Programme.

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Office Address:
41 Potgieter Street
Alrode, 1450

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 821 3028
Fax: +27 11 821 3066
Email: [email protected]

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