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Lost your vehicle in an unfortunate incident? Tracker is your go-to-company for SVRs, also known as Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Operating for the past 23 years and more, Tracker has grown into more than just a company that tracks down stolen vehicles in South Africa. One of Tracker’s biggest assets is how they approach the field of tracking, and it’s not merely for the purpose of theft revival. It’s all about searching for items that mean a lot to their customers.

Tracker has been a big user of data – the company relies on the production of more at least 160 million telematics messages on a day-today basis. Besides the collection of raw data, Tracker then processes it into something that becomes valuable to their clients. Over the past two decades, Tracker has gained immense popularity and attracted more than 1 million keen subscribers. With the upcoming challenges of the newer generations, Tracker is there to help you get through them.

About Tracker Tertiary Bursaries 2020
The Tracker Tertiary Bursaries is a programme that is dedicated to providing well-deserving underprivileged students with the opportunity to attain their tertiary education with the necessary financial support from the company. The bursary programme was once initiated as a cooperation with the South African Police Service (SAPS) as a way to provide bursaries to children of local authorities who have dearly departed.

Dating back as far as to 2004, the Tracker Tertiary Bursaries has catered to a variety of degrees and diplomas, typically towards the study areas of aviation, marketing, finance, engineering, medicine, law, tourism, and many more to list out. Realizing the positive impact this bursary programme has created, it is Tracker’s responsibility to carry the the programme and develop it into something bigger. After all, it is the least Tracker could do to give back to the people who have supported the company in the long run.

At the moment, the Tracker Bursary Programme is catered to these following lists of courses, which includes Electronic Engineering (Bachelor of Science), Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Science), Data Sciences (Bachelor of Science). Successful recipients of the Tracker Bursary Programme will be entitled to generous financial benefits, such as fully-paid college expenses, and other fees that are to do with their respective studies. For more information about the company, take a look at the official Tracker website.

Tracker Bursary Requirements
The Tracker Bursary Programme is only available for young individuals who meet these standards below. The eligibility criteria is created to ensure a fair application process. In addition, the criteria helps to filter out which individuals deserve the bursary scheme even more, giving the committee a much easier time to assess all incoming candidates. Need to make sure that Tracker is the suitable company for you? Don’t forget to visit the website once in a while.

The Tracker Bursary Requirements includes:

  • Holding an official South African nationality
  • Has finished their Matric examinations with flying colors
  • Has accomplished an impressive Maximum Distinction Pass for the key subjects of Mathematics and Science (HG) in their Matric examinations
  • Currently pursuing one of the aforementioned study courses that has been previously stated in a recognized South African university.

How to Apply Tracker Bursary 2020
Applying for the Tracker Bursary Programme simple. All you need is your laptop, the Internet, and access the Tracker Career Website. Before your start your applications, make sure that the bursary programme is available at the time of search and is currently accepting applications. To do so, type in the key word “bursary” into the search bar and click on the “Find” button. If the programme is taking in applications at the moment, all you have to do is follow the rest of the application instructions that have been stated clearly on the website.

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