ERM (Environmental Resources Management) Bursary Programmes 2020

ERM (Environmental Resources Management) Profile
The Environmental Resources Management is an establishment that operates worldwide, and is responsible for providing an array of services that have to do with different sectors, such as safety, environment, risk, health, and social consulting. Motivated by the public’s need to create a more sustainable environment, ERM has taken this as their personal mission and provided multiple solutions to meet their clients’ demands. As of now, the ERM is currently operating with the helf of 5,500 hardworking employees based in more than 40 nations.

For as long as 50 years, ERM has been conducting their business on a global scale by involving themselves with a variety of departments. This is to ensure that the establishment is able to grasp the different environmental challenges that are faced by different institutions. From there on, the ERM is able to assess what kinds of impacts that needed to be overcome, just as health, risk, environmental, safety, and social impacts. ERM has extensive knowledge and expertise in the departments of manufacturing & pharmaceutical, mining & metals, media & telecommunications, oil & gas, chemical, technology and power.

As the nation experiences a drastic boom in economic growth, it is important to highlight that sustainability is an initiative that must be taken greatly into the process of dealing with businesses. After all, there is a tight-closed knit relationship between business and sustainability. ERM is heavily involved in these companies to assess how the company’s line of work impacts the society around them. By overcoming challenges and creative solutions to have the answers, sustainability is the ultimate end goal in everything that ERM does.

About ERM (Environmental Resources Management) Bursaries 2020
The Environmental Resources Management Bursaries is a programme that is provided to post-graduate students from accredited universities in South Africa. Graduates who are eligible for the bursary are more than welcome to give this programme a shot. Whether you are pursuing the subject of Earth/Natural Sciences, certain Engineering courses, or specific Economics/Social Sciences subjects, the ERM invites you all. As future pioneers of positive transformation, ERM is searching for capable professionals from multidisciplinary studies that are able to sharpen the talents of younger generations.

ERM (Environmental Resources Management) Bursary Requirements
To apply for the ERM Bursaries, all incoming candidates must hold at least an undergraduate degree from any of the relevant disciplines that have been previously mentioned. Furthermore, all incoming candidates are highly required to send in an application essay that is not more than 3,000 words. Candidates must choose one of the many topics that have been provided by the committee, all of them having to do with the departments of the Environmental Resources Management.

Operational Performance
Topic 1: Sustainability & Climate Change
Context: Multiple establishments are given the constant pressure to file in reports from different perspectives in regards to their business practices and how such acts impact the society around them, as well as its natural environment. While there are various methods that can be utilized to report on sustainability, there are other different frameworks that can be optimized as well, namely he JSE Social Responsibility Index (SRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), UN Global Compact on Human Rights, and the Task Force on Climate Disclosures (TCFD). As a result having to continuously create reports, certain companies have a tendency to be stuck in a reporting block, which hinders them from creating improvements.

Task: What types of methods does the candidate think will enable business institutions to create a relationship between external reporting to operational management as a means to create improvements within the company’s performance? Mention one or two examples of business institutions that are implementing this method greatly.

Topic 2: Mergers & Acquisitions
Context: One of the main drivers in sustainability is the group of investors that come together. More and more financial institutions are slowly realizing the great importance of business institutions that hold a great, solid foundation of Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG) practices. This is due to the fact that the climate change challenges has somewhat become a trend commonly found in many businesses today. As of now, Africa is facing climate challenges as the continent’s overall population begins to grown even more to up two 600 million by the year 2040. With such growth in population to be expected, this may ultimately lead to a rise in urbanization which may result in higher demand of infrastructure and energy production. According to the Africa Energy Outlook 2009 report, as written by the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is mentioned that cumulative investments are worth up to $2.6-trillion between the years 2019-2040. This investment will help offer energy facilities that can be utilized by different demographics in Africa.

Task: Please discuss how this type of transformation should be assisted with the community of incoming investors and what kinds of obstacles will they have to overcome as a means to secure a solid ESG discipline and the fate of future environmentally-friendly energy system (decarbonized/renewable energy.)

Safety and Risk
Topic 1: Safety & Risk Human Factors
Context: ERM finally went ahead with its very first Global Safety Survey in the year 2018. By undergoing through this survey, ERM is able to assess and understand the  multiple ways institutions are addressing the issues of safety and risks during a period where stakeholders are not paying much attention to their safety performance. In the report, there are nine crucial findings that with the increase of external scrutiny with safety and risk management, unfortunately, there are not much indicators of the companies’ improvements which are a result as insufficiency and arrays of obstacles in the way. This is all happening during a period where there are not much new technology and data in the works. For further details of the report, you may check them on the Global Safety Survey Report.

Task: After taking the results of the survey into great consideration, along with the tools that are utilized in the departments of safety and risk managements (namely ISO 31000, bowties, etc.), please discuss what would you highly prioritize first as a client in order to achieve great important in the company’s Safety & Risk performance. Be sure to highlight the main obstacles that as a client you will anticipate and what steps will you take to explore these challenges. Additionally, you are given freedom to choose a certain department for specific context (e.g. Mining/Oil & Gas), taking their existing facilities and failures into consideration as well.

Capital Project Support
Topic 1: Role of Energy in Achieving Sustainable Energy Goals
Context: At the moment, the current global economy is not operating on a sustainable road during a time period where many changes are heavily required in order to achieve a wholly-sustainable system. To make these changes possible, the United Nations General Assembly has established the Sustainable Development Goals (referred as SDG) scheme in September 2015. Commonly referred to as simply SDGs, each of them acts as a blueprint that is needed to answer the variety of sustainable development obstacles that are in the way. These SDGs were established based on many existing sectors, such as environmental deprivation, poverty, peace, justice, inequality, wealth, and climate. The SDGs are related to one another, so therefore, accomplishing one SDG may greatly help in achieving another. By 2030, it is hoped that all of these SDGs are able to meet their respective targets.

Task: Describe the role of energy that is used to achieve the established SDGs within the continent of Africa (maximum of 1000 words.) In the essay, candidates must point out as well as explain the major energy obstacles that are faced while pursuing an effort to achieve SDGs.

Topic 2: Management and Sustainability Analysis of Plastic Collective
Context: Multiple institutions are given the pressure to minimize the usage of plastic that are used for consumers as a means to minimize the heavy amount of plastic found in the ocean, contributing to the worldwide problem of plastic pollution. According to the candidate, do you think that Woolworths’ South Africa’s methods of managing and implementing these programmes are considered sustainable?

Task: Describe how Woolworths’ methods of overcoming plastic pollution in oceans and how they meet sustainability performances. Candidates must be able to point out the main obstacles that Woolworths South Africa faces, and must end off with sustainability analysis of the methods and practices that are implemented.

Asset Management
– Imagine that you are given the task to investigate a certain location that is presumed to have its groundwater contaminated due to petrol spill. From there on, you have been assigned to retrieve multiple samples of the groundwater from its well network. Given this type of situation, explain what types of chemicals you would like the laboratory to investigate, and explain why this list of chemicals need to be analyzed even further.

– Risk based corrective action (RBCA) for sites contaminated with hazardous substances: Explain what is Risk  Based Corrective Action (RBCA). Is RBCA a methods that is both sustainable and pragmatic enough to be used within a contaminated site management situation. Or is it just mere position that most institutions do not implement much in their practices?

How to Apply ERM (Environmental Resources Management) Bursary 2020
To apply for the ERM Bursary, all candidates must first check the availability status of the programme. To do so, you can simply access the ERM Careers Site. Don’t forget to choose “South Africa” on the location to obtain relevant results. After double checking that the programme of your choice is available for applications, you can directly apply from the very same career site as well.

Please be noted that candidates are to submit in several important documents as well to fully support their application dossiers. Should one of these documents be missing from your dossier, your applications will not be considered valid by the committee and will automatically be disregarded. These documents include:

  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • Your most recent academic transcript
  • An essay with a word limit of 3,000 words.
    – Certified copy of your ID
    – Latest results transcript
    – A completed essay write up with a maximum of 3, 000 words.

Applications are only opened towards graduate from South African who are not employed at the moment and are willing to pursue their education. Additionally, there are only a few limited positions offered, which is why only a hand select of candidates will be chosen for the programme. Announcements will only be made to students who have been shortlisted by the ERM Programme.

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