Liberty – Actuarial Science Bursary Programmes 2020

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Liberty Holdings Limited is a company that specializes in offering services that have to do with the areas of asset management, investment, and health products. Having been formed in the year 1957 by an ambition driven man who goes by the name of Sir Donald Gordon, Liberty Holdings Limited has been on the front lines of the general public in South Africa, having become the leading choice for a total of 3 million individuals – ranging from families to business. As of now, Liberty Holdings is based in the city of Joburg, the epicenter of South Africa. As a company that deals within financial services and property holding on a day-to-day basis, their main purpose is to give everyone the chance to chase their own sense of liberty and freedom to achieve their own wealth. Therefore, it is Liberty’s key responsibility in providing the right kind of assistance and advice for their clients to ensure that their dreams can become a reality. Whether it’s through investment management, or retirement income planning, customers are given the ultimate freedom to create their own paths and come up with their own solutions. With Liberty Holdings having their backs along the way, customers will have a sense of confidence in chasing for what they want in life.

About Liberty – Actuarial Science Bursaries 2020
Liberty is providing generous bursaries for full-time students in South African universities who are pursuing their education in the specialization of Actuarial Science. In order to receive this amazing opportunity, candidates will need to display tremendous capabilities in the field of innovation, and above all, must show a great interest in providing ultimate service towards the general public. Of course, all incoming applicants will be considered for their academic achievements, and they may even receive the chance to have their bursaries renewed on a yearly basis. However, to promote a sense of inclusiveness in the programme, ACI students (African, Coloured and Indian) students will be given a higher priority beforehand. Additionally, all accepted candidates of the bursary programme are obliged to partake in the vacation work that comes along with the bursary, which will be taking place on June/December in the company’s Joburg Head Office.

Successful awardees of the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursaries will be entitled to a generous sum of financial funding that will help them throughout the entire course of their studies, as well as motivate to do a lot better in their studies. These financial benefits include:

  • All expenses paid tuition (reviewed on a yearly basis by looking at awardee’s academic performance through the academic year)
  • On-campus accommodation costs paid for by the bursary
  • A monthly stipend (for students who choose not to seek on-campus accommdation)
  • Allowance to purchase prescribed study materials
  • Allowance for travels
  • Opportunities to attend vacation work and connect with other like-minded invidiausl
  • First years students are eligible to receive a calculator allowance.

Liberty – Actuarial Science Bursary Requirements
The Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary comes with a list of eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by all incoming candidates beforehand. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this opportunity, the committee has been receiving high volumes of applications every year. Therefore, in order to filter out certain individuals who truly require this financial assistance, there are certain qualifications that must be met by the candidates in order to have their applications considered successful. Therefore, it is highly advisable for everyone to have these requirements take note of below:

  • Must be officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Has displayed amazing academic performances during the first year of the candidate’s studies (applicable towards first year of studies)
  • Able to maintain an overall average aggregate of at least 60%
  • For Mathematical and Actuarial Module, candidates must be able to maintain an overall average aggregate of at least 65%
  • Must display outstanding distinction for the Higher Grade Mathematics results
  • If the candidate is taking up Higher Grade Physical Science, candidates must have at least two distinctions (with Mathematics)
  • If the candidate is not taking up Physical Science, candidates must have at least four distinctions (with Mathematics)
  • Display remarkable excellence in their academic track records during the time in university
  • Has a great sense of leadership
  • Participates in any activities that are related to sports, clubs or any Olympiads (extramural activities).

How to Apply Liberty – Actuarial Science Bursary 2020
Applications for the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary are mainly conducted through online platforms. First off, all incoming candidates will be required to check the availability status of the programme by accessing the Liberty Portal. If the programme is not available at the time of search yet, don’t get your hopes down immediately. You may still come back to the same portal to check for future openings of the bursary programme. However, if it is currently accepting applications, you may simply apply for it directly on the very same portal. Registration for the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary is made extremely easy and fuss-free, and it only takes a total of 2 minutes! All you have to do is follow these steps below:

  • Create your Curriculum Vitae (make sure it’s brief and crystal clear)
  • Search for the bursary programme in he portal’s job database
  • Apply for the bursary by following the portal’s step-by-step procedure

Applications for the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary are open towards individuals who are attaining their university studies in any level, whether you are in your first year or final year. After being successfully accepted by the programme, recipients will be asked to sign a legitimate agreement that binds them together with Liberty Life. This agreement will also be renewed on a yearly basis to make sure that the terms and conditions are up with the times. The best part? Upon graduation, you will be given guarantee of employment, and you will have to work under Liberty for every year of the bursary that you have received during university. If you think that this is the right opportunity for you and your future, it’s high time you get started on your applications right now.

Liberty Contact Address
Office Address:
1 Ameshoff Street, Braamfontein, Gauteng 2001, ZA

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 11 558 4871
Email: [email protected]

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