Glencore Bursary Programmes 2020

Glencore Profile
Glencore is a growing powerhouse that has left a huge impact on the world as one of the largest natural resource establishments in the entire globe. Established and developed by its leading billionaire founders, Marc Rich, Glencore was formerly known as Marc Rich + Co AG back in the 1970s. However, as times changes, so does the company itself. Besides the obvious name change to Glencore (which stands for “Global Energy Commodity Resources”), the company has tackled on the task of producing and marketing an extensive list of commodities that cater to a variety of industries. Having supplied approximately 90 commodities, Glencore is the answer to several industrial consumers’ needs, which includes steel, automotive, to even food processing.

Because of the range of demands that must be catered to, it’s no surprise why Glencore has such a big working force under their wing. Even though they have approximately 150,000 employees scattered around more than 50 nations, Glencore does its best to make sure that their entire working staff is strong and solid. Everyone under the company are required to share the same vision and mission of the company. And above all, it’s all about providing the best customer service experience. Whatever their clients want, Glencore does its best to accommodate them.

About Glencore Bursaries 2020
The Glencore Bursary programme is an intiative started out by the company as an effort to support all local students residing in South Africa, especially around the Mpumalanga region, to continue their studies in university. By providing any sorts of financial means towards these well-deserving grantees, the company hopes that this will not only motivate students to do better in school, but to also invite them to work for the Glencore company in the future.

Bursaries will be offered towards students who are attaining an education in either of these specializations below:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical EngineeringExtraction Metallurgy
  • Financial Management (Not chartered Accounting)
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Geology.

Recipients of the Glencore Bursary programme will be entitled to a generous sum of financial assistance that will be used to cover any school-related expenses, such as registrations fees, tuition expenses, school materials, travel expenses for school events, meals, accommodation, and even a monthly stipend that they may use to enjoy for themselves. But what makes this bursary even more unique is that they will also be able to receive the chance to experience the Glencore working culture as part of the vacation work that comes with the bursary programme. And the best part? Once you are done with your studies, you have a guaranteed working position in the Glencore company.

Registering for a Glencore Bursary programme is almost the same as signing up for a job at the company. Therefore, you should definitely make sure whether this is the most suitable company for you. For more information about the company, just take a look at the official Glencore website.

Glencore Bursary Requirements
To sign up for the Glencore Bursary programme, applicants must be able to follow all of the requirements that are asked of the programme. This is to ensure that everyone who is interested in the bursary is capable enough of following the programme’s strict regimens should they be accepted into the programme. Check out whether you’re the right type of person for this bursary programme by accessing their website.

The Glencore Bursary Requirements includes:
Minimum Requirements

  • Is not undertaking any other kinds of organisations or institutions
  • Provide valid proof that they are physically fit for the position
  • Able to provide valid proof of residency (residents from Mpumalanga will be highly prioritized)
  • Optional, but highly prioritized: applicants who are people of color, Indian, have disabilities, or females.

Educational Qualifications

  • For Grade 12 Learners: complete Grade 11 result slips. These results will then be evaluated by the committee
  • For 2nd & 3rd year university students: has an average score of 60% or more
  • Most recent academic transcript
  • Has achieved at least these following results:
    • 6 for Mathematics and Physical Science (Engineering Fields)
    • 5 for Mathematics and Physical Science (Technical Fields)
    • 5 for Mathematics and Accounting (Finance Field).

How to Apply Glencore Bursary 2020
Applying for the Glencore Bursary programme isn’t a hard process. First off, candidates will have to double check whether their preferred bursary programmes are available at the time of application. You can do this by accessing Glencore’s Career Page. Don’t forget to switch the location to “South Africa” so that you will be able to get relevant opportunities around the region.

After you have found the programme of your choice, and it’s available for application, you can immediately send in your application dossier through e-mail to this provided address: [email protected]. However, if you don’t feel comfortable sending in your documents online and would rather send them physically, you can do so as well! Simply hand deliver your applications directly to The Group Training Centre IS 31 Blesbokfontein Farm, District Bethal/Graspan Colliery 1 Farm.

With the surging amount of applications coming in, it will take some time for the committee to be able to fully evaluate all of them, especially on a fair basis. All shortlisted candidates will be given an announcement within 21 days post application deadline. After those 21 days, if you have not been notified by the committee yet, we regret to inform you that your application has not passed the selection phase.

Manage Job Alert Profile
If you have not been chosen for the programme this time round, don’t sweat! You can always stick around for other future opportunities – especially with the company’s Job Alert Profile function. Bursary seekers can now stay updated without having to access the website every day! To sign up for the website job alerts function, all you have to do is access the “Job Alert Profile” page from your account. From there on, you can enable to the function so that new updates could be directly sent to your e-mail. That way, you will never have to miss another fruitful programme ever again!

xxx Contact Address
Office Address:
Reitfontein 236Js, Middelburg/Wonderfontein Farm 428 JS, Portion of Farm Klippan 452 (R33) 9 km, South of N4 National Freeway.

Mail Address:
Glencore Coal SA, Group Training Centre/Private bag X7265, Emalahleni, 1035.

Tel: +27 11 772 0600

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