Pyrotec Bursary Programmes 2020

Pyrotec Profile
Pyrotec is a company that has branched itself into multitudes of sub-divisions, such as Pyrotec PackMark, Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackLink, Pyrotec PackVerifi, and Pyrotec Finance. With all of these divisions under their belt, the main mission of Pyrotec is to provide wonderful service in the coding and labelling department, in which they bear the responsibility of creating information to be included on packages, come up with solutions to deal with merchandise-related issues, and hinder any illegal counterfeit activities. Whether you are a small business, or a large corporation, Pyrotec is willing to lend its hand to those who need it.

About Pyrotec Bursaries 2020
Pyrotechnical Marketing (Pty) Ltd is offering a bursary programme to young South African students who are able to display wonderful academic potential and talents. This is done as an effort to fully support the growth of local students in the nation and allows them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. The Pyrotec Bursaries is available for students who are partaking in any of the study courses listed below:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Finance
  • Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering
  • Graphic Design/DTP
  • Sales
  • Psychology

Awardees of the Pyrotec Bursaries will be entitled to a sum of financial funding that will help cover their student-related expenses, which includes:

  • 100% of their university tuition costs, registration fees, and examination expenses (paid directly to the university by the committee)
  • On-campus accommodation, which will be determined by Pyrotec (paid directly to the university)
  • Meal costs (three meals per day)
  • A sum of ZAR 10 000,00/year for prescribed study materials and allowance (paid directly to the recipient)


  • For students who plan on not staying on-campus, their accommodation and meals allowance will be directly transferred to the student instead
  • Grantees who are required to repeat any of their subjects will have to pay for it by themselves
  • Payments will be made on a yearly basis
  • Upon successful acceptance, any payment technicalities will be communicated directly to the recipient by the bursary committee
  • Grantees are required to work under Pyrotec upon graduation. The amount of years they are employed must match the amount of years they have been under the bursary programme.

Pyrotec Bursary Requirements
The Pyrotec Bursary is a relatively inclusive programme. On top of pursuing any one of the aforementioned study courses, candidates must also be able to provide proof  that they are an official citizen of South Africa. On top of that, only AA/EE candidates are allowed to sign up for the programme. Last but not least, candidates must be able to provide an educational qualification of Grade 12 or above.

How to Apply Pyrotec Bursary 2020
Before you start on your Pyrotec Bursary applications, you will have to check the availability of the programme through the Pyroctech Careers Portal. Once you are sure that the programme you are interested in is definitely available at the moment, you can immediately download the Official Application Form. Be sure to fill in your application form with only correct information. Additionally, all questions must be completed without missing any one of them.

Next up, candidates will have to have these following documents attached in their application dossiers:

  • A legitimate copy of your Grade 12 certificates or Highest Level of Education
  • A legitimate copy of your Identity Document
  • A letter of motivation explaining why they deserve to receive the bursary
  • Valid proof of address, which explains why you deserve to have allowance for transportation costs
  • Valid letter of acceptance or registration
  • Invoices of your expenses

After prepping up your application dossier, be sure to send it in to this following e-mail address: [email protected]. Alternatively, you may hand in your applications by hand delivery to the HR department at Pyrotec.

During the application procedure, there are a couple of notes that need to be considered, such as:

  • Candidates must only use Black Pen to fill in their applications
  • All applications must be filled in (incomplete applications will not be regarded by the committee)
  • Only send in copies of your documents, as original versions will not be returned by the committee
  • Pyrotechnical Marketing holds all rights to award a bursary or not
  • Applications must be sent in before the closing date. Late applications will not be considered by the committee at all
  • Bursaries will only be awarded to students who are pursuing in any of the study courses mentioned above
  • Interested candidates are highly recommended to send in their applications based on a specialization that they are passionate about
  • Announcements will only be made to students who have been selected by the committee. Should you not hear back within a total period of 8 weeks, we regret to inform you that you have not been accepted by the programme
  • If you come across any form of enquiries or concerns, you may direct your concerns immediately to the HR Department on +27 21 787 9600.

Pyrotec Contact Address
Office Address:
Capricorn Business Pk Capricorn Blvrd Muizenberg, Capricorn Park, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa

Mail Address:

Tel: +27 21 787 9600
Fax: +27 21 787 9791

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  1. I’m looking for the bursary I just got admitted on Boston college for bachelor in Accounting I love to study but I dont have any one who will pay for my fees.

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