Eskom Bursary Programmes 2020

Eskom’s Bursary Programmes On 2020 For South African’s Brightest People and Eskom Employees’ Children and Dependants
South African people’s education becomes Eskom’s main investment concerns. Hence, it doesn’t only drives Eskom to empower its internal workforces, but also to disburse generous bursary funds to help highly-talented students as well. Through this bursary programme, Eskom also pledges to develop fresh and competent workforces as well as establishing its talent pipelines.

That being said, Eskom permits its bursary recipients to study full-time in the South African’s approved educational institutions to add values to their competitiveness as Eskom’s workers once they graduate. That way, Eskom is becoming more than able to answer South Africa’s demands of more skilled workers through the bursary programme.

Eskom’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes
Eskom offers bursary programmes for future full-time Undergraduate students, even though there are possibilities for future Postgraduate students to receive Eskom’s bursary aids if they have granted a permission from Eskom’s Divisional Executives’ relevant business units. The bursary offered by Eskom is tenable for a maximum of 5 years duration.

Eskom will pay their bursary recipients’ registration, tuition, residential or accommodation, and meals-related fees in full amount regardless of the bursary schemes that it offers. In addition, Eskom’s bursary recipients will also receive book-related funds. In the Full Eskom Bursary scheme that is offered based on Eskom’s business needs will receive additional PC-related and vacation allowances along with accommodations during the vacation as well as book-related funds and other bursary packages that Eskom offers.

The Full Eskom Bursary scheme is basically for all South African people who have beyond-average learning capacities and willing to serve Eskom under the service obligation after they graduate. On the other hand, the Scholarship scheme, which belongs to Eskom’s another bursary scheme, is aimed at Eskom’s employees’ children or dependants who are academically excellent and willing to work for Eskom for at least 5 years after they graduate from Eskom’s partnering Universities, Technikons, or FET Institutions.

These following field of studies are available in Eskom’s Universities, Technikons, and FETs to be chosen from bursary applicants regardless of the bursary scheme that they choose:

  • Universities:
    • Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, Mechanical, Computer, Metallurgical, Chemical, or Nuclear).
    • Environmental Sciences.
  • Technikons:
    • Engineering (Electrical, Industrial, or Mechanical).
    • Metallurgy.
    • Safety and Risks.
  • FET Institutions:
    • Boiler Makers.
    • Fitting and Turners.
    • Millwrights.
    • Welders.
    • Plumbers.
  • and much more (refer to Eskom’s bursary programme’s full lists of the approved field of studies in its official bursary page under the “Field of Studies” menu).

Eskom’s Bursary Programme’s Requirements
Applicants should meet these following criteria if they want their bursary applications to be considered further by Eskom’s bursary teams:

  • Be South African people with a valid ID card.
  • Intend to study full-time in South Africa’s accredited Universities, University of Technologies (or Technikons), or FET Institutions.
  • Have a National Certificate or other relevant qualifications, with these following symbols in English, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics for each subject according to their chosen education institution provider’s type:
    • Universities: Level 5 (New Symbols) or HG (C) if using the old symbols.
    • Technikons / University of Technologies: Level 4 (New Symbols) or HG (D) or SG (C) if using the old ones.
    • FET Institutions: Level 3 (New Symbols) or HG (E) or SG (D) for the old symbols in the academic transcripts.
  • Ready to undergo interviews and medical check-ups as needed by Eskom.

Eskom’s Bursary Programme’s Application Processes
Even though filling in Eskom’s bursary programme’s application form can be done by online or offline systems (including by postal means or hand-deliver methods to the assigned addresses as noted on its web page), applicants are encouraged to apply through Eskom’s online bursary system unless they don’t have any internet accesses.

In around August until October, shortlisted applicants will then be invited to attend interview sections by phone and by e-mail simultaneously. In some cases, Eskom, as the bursary provider, may also ask shortlisted applicants to provide medical examination and fitness results before Eskom can send comprehensive bursary contracts and terms of conditions to the bursary recipients.

The final selection outcomes will be based on each bursary candidate’s academic competences, interview, and medical examination results. The selection outcomes itself will be done in around October to December each year.

Opening and Closing Dates of Eskom’s Bursary Programmes on 2020
Eskom holds bursary programmes and scholarship opportunities every year, including on 2020. Visit Eskom’s bursary programme’s main web page for more information on Eskom’s 2020’s different opening and closing dates along with the application processes.

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