Anglo American Kumba Bursary Programmes 2020

Anglo American Kumba’s 2020 Engineering, Geoscience, and GeoTech Bursary Programmes For Candidates with Code B Driver Licenses
With its excellent-quality Kumba Iron Ore mining company, Anglo American Kumba doesn’t only stop in becoming the largest mining company in South Africa with its Sishen Iron Ore Company (or SIOC)’s 74% ownership. Rather, it is also currently the fourth-largest iron ore producer all over the world with continually paying dividends starting from 2010.

Its total reserves of more than 1 billion tonnes of iron ore lead Anglo American Kumba to continue growing its presences all over the world, particularly in South Africa, one of its operational mining area. Thus, Anglo American Kumba ensures its programmes’ qualities that will enhance its positive impacts, including disbursing bursary funds to those studying in South African institutions to help them establish their talent pipelines.

Anglo American Kumba’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Since Anglo American Kumba is a mining-based company, Anglo American Kumba’s bursary scheme will not be far away from the engineering and mining-based themes, in particular, iron ore and global steel as two of its main commodities. In other words, Anglo American Kumba disburses its bursary fund to students with relevant degrees in its industries’ sectors to enable them to help Anglo American Kumba to be the leading global mining company.

The Anglo American Kumba’s bursary itself will fund their recipients’ tuition, book, and accommodation-related fees in full amounts as a part of its formal-based financing aspects. Bursary recipients will also have opportunities to undergo paid vacation works in Northern Cape as required by Anglo American Kumba’s partnering institutions.

Additionally, candidates and bursary recipients should also note that Anglo American Kumba won’t guarantee Postgraduate placements for all successfully-graduating recipients, as this also depends on each recipient’s competency and the company’s needs as well.

To be eligible to apply for Anglo American Kumba’s bursary programme, applicants should support these following documents along with their application forms:

  • Letters of Acceptance in South African’s institutions that stated their enrolments in degree or BTech-based programmes in Engineering (Civil, Industrial, Mining, or Rock), Geosciences, or GeoTech fields of studies.
  • Academic transcripts of the previous year’s studies.
  • Code B Driver Licenses on Light Vehicles (optional, yet, should be ready after the bursary period has commenced).
  • Work experience proofs in the mining industry (preferable during vacation work periods).

Anglo American Kumba’s Bursary Programme’s Application Processes
Applicants who are interested to apply for Anglo American Kumba’s bursary programme should head on to its official bursary page and find the “Bursary Application Form” text located on the page’s right side. Bursary applicants can download and fill in the bursary application form from there on, along with attaching every supporting document as stated on previous points, and e-mail those to [email protected].

After those applicants submit their bursary application packages, they should wait for further information about the assessments and interviews that they have to undergo if Anglo American Kumba shortlists them. Only by passing those assessment and interview sessions that shortlisted applicants can accept their Bursary Loan Agreement, which periods depend on each candidate’s study period. Eventually, they will become Anglo American Kumba’s bursary recipients.

Anglo American Kumba’s Bursary Programme’s Closing Deadlines on 2020
Anglo American Kumba usually closes its bursary programme’s registration at the end of April each year. For more detailed information about Anglo American Kumba’s bursary programme’s closing deadlines on 2020, click on the “Bursary Advertisement” located on the left side of its official bursary portal.

Anglo American Kumba’s Bursary Programme-Related Contact Details
Other questions that are not stated in Anglo American Kumba’s website, yet still related to its bursary programme, should be addressed to these following contact details:

  • Postal Address: Centurion Gate, 124 Akkerboom Road, Centurion, 0157, South Africa
  • Switch Board Numbers: +27 12 683 7000/7111

Anglo American Kumba Contact Address
Office Address:

Mail Address:
Centurion Gate, 124 Akkerboom Road, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Tel: +27 12 683 7000/7111
Fax: aaaaa
Email: aaaaa
Site: aaaaa

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